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5 Ways Self-Storage Improves Your WFH Space

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Now that remote and hybrid work are options for many employees, it's more important than ever to find the perfect balance between your job and your personal life--especially when it comes to your home office! The good news is that self-storage can help remote employees set up the office or workspace of their dreams, all while helping keep the space organized, clutter-free, and comfortable.

Self Storage for Your Home Workspace

When it comes to self-storage, the possibilities are just about endless. That's why so many remote workers turn to this solution when they need to create home office hideaways.

Here are a few ways self-storage can help make remote work a little easier:

#1: Get rid of clutter

Home offices have a nasty habit of getting cluttered. Sometimes it's work stuff, like supplies and old documents; other times, it's overflow from the rest of the house--like totes of clothing or stacks of kids' toys. No matter what's cluttering your space, self-storage can help.

Self-storage is essentially breathing room. It gives you the extra space you need to get rid of clutter without simply moving it into someone else's way. It's also the perfect opportunity to sort through your stuff and see what you actually need to keep.

#2: Choose the right furniture

Maybe your home office was originally a sitting room or formal dining room, or maybe it was just the room where you keep that one chair you can't part with. Now that this area has been set aside for you and your work, it might be smart to move some of that extra furniture out of the way.

With a self-storage unit at your disposal, you have the freedom and space to optimize your setup. That's because you don't have to worry about finding that furniture in a new home in your house; just choose what stays and what goes.

#3: Create work storage

Depending on your role, you might have a lot of "work stuff" to take care of. For example, maybe you're responsible for sensitive documents or company equipment. You likely don't want to pile this all around your workspace or keep it in the garage.

Self-storage gives you a better--and more convenient--option. Secure, climate-controlled units offer the safety and reliability necessary to store all kinds of things, from paper and office supplies to wood, paint, metal tools, and more. You won't have to worry about rust, mold, or stepping over your work stuff every time you walk into your home office.

#4: Think about your background

Are you one of many at-home employees who scrambles to set up a respectable background before hopping on a video call? If so, self-storage is the solution you've been looking for.

When you use self-storage, you can safely store anything that would otherwise be piled up behind you. Set up your camera like you're joining a meeting and see what's in the frame--and from there, decide what can be moved out of the way and what should go to the storage unit.

#5: Clear off your walls

Do you have old photos or posters hanging on the wall of your home office? They might be entertaining, but they're not the most efficient use of space. Pop them into a self-storage unit and think about what you can do with those walls instead.

Let's say your job requires a lot of tight deadlines. It might be helpful to put up multiple calendars so you can track every project and detail--all from your office chair.

Maybe you have a home workspace in your garage. That might be the perfect space to hang your work tools for easy access.

Regardless of your setup, one thing is clear: Self-storage is the way to go.

Working from home opens up all kinds of possibilities, but it also presents some new challenges--especially when clutter and extra stuff get in your way. Luckily, self-storage is the perfect solution for remote and hybrid workers like you. Whether you're clearing out your video conferencing background or getting rid of some extra furniture, self-storage gives you the breathing room you need.

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