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How Storage Units Make Decluttering Easy

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House clutter can sneak up on us if we aren't careful! Over time, the clutter slowly builds and by the time we notice—it can feel overwhelming. Which only makes us want to ignore it more! Fortunately, clutter can be easily managed with some simple cleaning steps and a proper self-storage system. Here’s a quick guide to follow if you want to kick away the clutter and keep it out for good.


It's a challenge to break past the thought of how time-consuming cleaning can be. After a long day of work, cleaning up the clutter is usually the last thing we want to do. That's why big tasks need to be broken down into small steps. There's no need to tackle the whole house all at once. Let's break down the common pitfalls of clutter:

Clothing: You can start by getting rid of clothes that are stained or no longer fit you. Then you can move on to any clothing you know you won't wear again. Typically, if you haven't worn something in several years, there might be a reason for that. If you’re hanging on to any clothing that has special meaning, you can box it up before moving to the next steps.

Kitchen appliances: Now we're moving into the bulkier items. The kinds of objects that overcrowd your shelves or hide in the deepest corners of your basement. If you have any doubles of kitchen objects like blenders, mixers, peelers, juicers, toasters, or anything else, decide which one you like the best and get rid of the other. It can be hard to get rid of items that still function, but there's no need to hold onto the past version if you've upgraded. However, you don't have to throw it away. You can always sell or donate the blender to another family in need.

Electronics: Nothing changes as fast as new technology, so electronics tend to get upgraded more often than other household objects. It can be easy to throw out electronics that don't work anymore. But what if it still works? We tend to hang on to outdated electronics because of their original expense. To ease letting go, you can either sell the items on an online marketplace, donate to a nonprofit organization, or store them away in a self-storage unit.

Seasonal items: Furniture is at the top of the list for things that can clutter up a house. As the seasons change, it's a challenge to figure out where to stuff the patio chairs and barbecue grill so that your cars can still fit inside. That's why your best option is to store these items in a self-storage unit, giving you easy access to your furniture when you need it most!


It’s hard to let things go. For many, the reason why we allow clutter to build is that we've grown attached to our belongings. What if we finally decide to wear that ten-year-old sweater again? Hey, you never know! This is why self-storage can be a game-changer for "having your cake and eating it too." You get to keep your belongings while decluttering the house.

Self-storage units can protect your valuables while giving you more space around your home. And while you may have a shed of your own, many objects can get damaged from extreme hot and cold weather. That's why a self-storage unit is designed with climate control settings to protect even your most valuable possessions.

Self-storage units are great for protecting:
  • Electronics
  • Antiques
  • Art
  • Wood Furniture
  • Collectibles (including comics, books, dolls, and more)
  • Vinyl records
  • Important documents

You can have the best of both worlds—a clean house without the detachment.

Reorganize Your Home

Now that you've decluttered your home, you'll be surprised at how much space you have around the house. This is a great time to spread out any furniture that might have been shoved too close together or stuffed into corners.

You might even have enough space to warrant adding new forms of entertainment, like a pool table or some exercise equipment.

Stay on Top of Clutter

Just because you declutter, your house doesn't mean that clutter can't sneak up on you again. But this time you're prepared! You can keep an eye on things throughout the year and stop the clutter in its tracks before it starts back up. If you note which items tend to build up, you can try to avoid the mess before it piles back on.


Clutter can grow without you even being aware of it. And though it can feel exhausting just thinking about it, the satisfaction that comes from kicking clutter to the curb makes the process worth it. Not only that, when you opt for self-storage you'll be making space to buy the things that'll bring more meaning to you.

If you know that you need to get rid of some items but can't part ways with them, discover how our self-storage units can manage your belongings.