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How to Use Self-Storage for Wholesale Inventory

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When dealing with wholesale, it can be challenging to find ways to store away a surplus of goods that can be quickly accessed when you need them. And as your business scales, this challenge will only grow. That’s why it’s best to find a solution that can meet your needs before this problem spirals out of your control. For many business owners, self-storage facilities have been just the answer they were looking for.

Let’s explore how self-storage can be the perfect solution to handle all of your wholesale needs.

Benefits of Self-Storage for Resellers

At the beginning of your reselling journey, you might be able to work out of your house if you have some extra space in the garage or a spare bedroom. But as you scale up your business with more and more items, you’ll soon find the time when that extra bedroom just won’t cut it anymore. On the other hand, renting a warehouse is often too costly an option for most resellers, chipping away at profit margins.

Self-storage units are the perfect in-between option to give you the storage you need for the price you’ll love. These are three big reasons to jump on the self-storage train:


There are various storage options to choose from that will cater to your needs. And unlike renting a warehouse, it’s much easier to move items from one storage unit to the next as your business grows. Once you’ve rented a storage unit, you’ll be given private keys and passcodes to quickly move in and keep your items secured.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Your valuable items need to be kept in perfect condition so that you can make the maximum amount of profit. If your goods are susceptible to mildew, dust, or mold, you’ll need a climate-controlled way to store your items. During the changing seasons, renting self-storage will keep your items at the right temperature all year round.

Makes Organization Easy

If you’re growing a small business that resells items, you likely offer more than just one type of good. Storage units can make it easier to organize things by separating each category into its own storage units. This will help you and any employees fulfill orders much faster than rummaging through a single room to find a specific item.

What Types of Businesses Need Self-Storage?

A surprising number of businesses can benefit from renting storage units. Just about any business owner can find ways to utilize self-storage, but the larger number of items you have, the greater the need for one. Here are just some of the businesses that can greatly benefit from a storage unit:

  • Landscapers
  • Contract Painters
  • Roofing
  • Restaurants & Catering
  • Retail

And the list goes on with the creative ways that you can use self-storage to help organize piles of files that can bog just about any business down.

One of the most popular business owners who use self-storage to maximize efficiency within their business is “flippers.” Flippers can encompass any business owner who flips items like houses, collectibles, and clothing for a profit. If you’ve ever tried “flipping” something, you’ve probably realized that you need a way to organize these in-demand items before you lose track of all you have.

Staying organized is the name of the game when it comes to flipping. Without some form of overhead, your house will quickly become cluttered as you try to keep up with finding trendy items to resell. You can increase your storage space by renting a self-storage unit. Just be sure to label and keep an inventory of all your items!


Self-storage is the perfect way to manage your business without having your home overrun by a bunch of goods. The cost is much cheaper than trying to rent a warehouse, and you can have a greater sense of control over how your items get stored. No matter what your small business sells, there’s a way that self-storage can increase your efficiency and organization.

Are you in need of a great place to store away items? Learn about our storage units to elevate the ways you manage your business.