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Why Self-Storage Units Are Perfect for Small Businesses

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Small business owners across various industries have to find creative ways to store their goods away and keep their spaces clean. And as your business grows, this challenge can grow out of control. Where do I keep all of these boxes? What about these backstock orders? As you expand, these concerns will only increase, so it’s best to get ahead of the problem by finding a strong solution.

For many business owners, self-storage units have been the perfect answer to these looming questions. Here’s how you can use self-storage units to elevate the way you organize your small business.

What Is Self Storage?

Self-storage units are spaces you can rent to store away items that clutter up small businesses—like excess inventory, seasonal inventory, office furniture, extra equipment, and even archived documents that need a secure place to be stored away. These items are often only needed periodically, but small business owners keep them cluttering up their office space for lack of an alternative.

By storing things away, you can maximize the space in your small business. The best part? You’ll have easy access to these stored-away items at any time of the day when you decide you need them.

Benefits of Utilizing Self-Storage

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect from renting a self-storage unit for your business:

Streamlined Inventory

Various industries require a strong storage solution. As your business grows, you may find yourself facing a lack of closet space to hide things like:

  • Tools
  • Office supplies
  • Equipment
  • Paper records
  • Overflow inventory

Storage units function a lot like a warehouse for your goods. It’s a convenient and cost-efficient way to keep your stuff organized and out of sight.

Exclusive Access

For peace of mind, privacy is of the utmost importance when renting a self-storage unit. That’s why you get a set of locks, keys, and access codes to give your goods maximum protection that only you will have access to. Now you won’t have to wonder if fellow storage renters could be rummaging through your belongings. Your items will be safe, secured, and for your eyes only.

Efficient Way to Relocate Your Business

If you’re in the middle of an expansion or relocating to a new office location, you can use self-storage units to help you through this transition. Pod units are just as vital for these short-term use cases as they are for long-term storage.

How to Rent a Self-Storage Unit

Renting self storage for your small business is easy, but you should consider a few things when finding the right storage unit for you.

Choosing a Storage Unit

There are a few different kinds of storage spaces you can choose depending on your inventory needs. You can think about what storage space you need now and how much you may need in the near future. Your business is continually expanding, so it’s best to plan ahead. Otherwise, you may find yourself shuffling boxes from one pod to the next. If you feel like your business is growing at a good rate, you can factor that growth into your decision on what sized storage unit you should rent. Here are the standard self-storage options:

  • Self-storage: These storage units are more for personal use, so if you don’t have many objects to store away, this will be the perfect choice for you.
  • Business storage: These pods come in small and large sizes and are used for commercial-sized stock. If you have a lot of items that need securing away, you’ll want to look into renting these larger spaces.
  • Climate-controlled: If you have any goods that are sensitive to temperatures, you can even rent a climate-controlled unit that keeps your items at the perfect temperature during harsh winter and scorching summer days.

Prepare for Self-Storage

There are a few steps you should take when you rent your first storage unit in order to keep track of all of your items. Here’s how you can prepare:

  • Clean items to be stored away
  • Disassemble or wrap furniture items
  • Take inventory of your belongings
  • Make sure everything is labeled

By taking these steps, you can make sure everything is kept in good condition and labeled so that you know exactly which items are stored away. This organization will keep your business running smoothly and efficiently as you scale up.


Self-storage will help free up your space so that you can focus on the more important matters of managing your business. There’s no need to wonder where you’ll store everything. Simply rent a unit, pack everything away, and rest easy, knowing that everything is safe and secured until you need it.