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4 Ways to Maximize Storage Unit Space

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Have you ever gotten a specific size of storage unit, thinking it would fit all of your stuff, but then you get it all in and feel like maybe you estimated the size needed incorrectly? It could be that you picked the wrong size, but it could also be that it just all needs to be organized better so that you can maximize the space! We've had a bit of experience with maximizing storage unit space, and we want to share a few of our tips with you.

1. Store Vertically Rather than Horizontally

Get out of the mindset that your storage unit is one horizontal space to put things in. Start thinking vertically! There are a few different ways that you can start thinking vertically to maximize your storage space, including:

  • Hang Things: Invest in free-standing garment racks to hang the wardrobe items that you keep in storage that are best left unfolded.
  • Opt for Shelves: The beauty of shelving is that they provide different levels for you to work with. Take advantage of these! Place them around the unit in a way that creates paths so that you can walk through your unit and easily access items you've placed on the shelves.
  • Utilize Space in or on Furniture: If you have furniture that you can't disassemble such as a table, or bedside tables, or bookcases, then use those to your advantage. Place fragile items that can't be packed away easily such as lamps on your table or bookcases. This makes them easy to grab when you need them, plus it maximizes the space you have to work with.

2. Vacuum Seal Everything Possible

Anything that can be vacuum-sealed should be! Items made of fabric such as comforters, sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, clothing, winter coats, and such, can be vacuum-sealed. You'll be amazed at how much they shrink down! Then you can pack them away in boxes a lot more efficiently as well.

Maybe you like to vacuum-seal food and have too much on hand to keep in your home pantry. Store it in your unit! Our storage units can be climate-controlled, and if you've chosen that option, you'll find that using your unit to store excess food can be a great solution to free up space at home. Plus, with our 24/7 access units, you can come back to get it any time day or night that you need it.

3. Use the Right Style of Plastic Bins

Something many people don't think through is that most plastic bins have rounded edges, and those rounded edges take space. Plastic bins also tend to have tapered edges instead of straight-angled edges.

If you choose to get plastic bins, make sure they are easily stackable and have non-rounded edges and corners. This can help you maximize the storage space. You can also go the cheaper route and pack everything in cardboard boxes. Our storage units are perfect for the cost-conscious who choose cardboard boxes because they don't need to worry that their units (or belongings) being affected by the elements. All belongings are completely safe from the elements in our units.

Whichever option you choose, plastic bins or cardboard boxes, make sure to label everything so you can easily find it later!

4. Be Thoughtful in Arranging Furniture

Disassembling any furniture you can will save a ton of space. When possible, remove furniture legs, and make sure to keep all the pieces together. For furniture that cannot be dismantled, use up the space it creates for additional storage. Tuck boxes into open areas, set odd-shaped items in nooks, and place boxes (as long as they're not too heavy) on shelves.

Learn More About Our Storage Units in Meridian, Idaho

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