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How to Store Your Idaho Outdoor Recreational Equipment

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Boise has a lot to offer when it comes to outdoor recreation! You've got easily accessible mountains, hiking trails, the river, lakes and reservoirs, lots of camping areas, and so much more. With all of those outdoor activities comes a lot of outdoor recreational equipment, and that recreational equipment has to be stored somewhere when it's not in use.

Many Boise residents don't have the room to store small boats, four-wheelers, jet skis, snowmobiles, trailers, and other recreational equipment on their property. These toys take up a lot of space and typically need to be protected from the elements by being covered when they aren't in use. Self-storage is a great solution for this! We offer affordable units that are ideal for storing outdoor recreational equipment, ranging in sizes that can house four-wheelers all the way up to small boats and trailers.

Let's take a look at proper ways to take care of your outdoor equipment so that it lasts a long time, plus tips on finding a storage unit that will fit your stuff.

Proper Outdoor Recreational Equipment Storage & Care

There are a few things to consider to ensure that your equipment is stored away in top shape and will be ready to go the next time you want to take it out.

  1. Clean and dry your equipment before storing it. Wash off dirt, mud, sand, and grime that's accumulated on your equipment and let it dry. Moisture is never your friend when putting things in storage.

  2. Wax all snowsports equipment before you store it to protect it until you take it out again.

  3. Identify the type of storage you need for each type of outdoor recreation equipment. While skis, golf clubs, and bikes are fine to keep in your garage or a shed out back, things like boats, trailers, and four-wheelers could do with their own space.

A lot of outdoor recreational gear needs a climate-controlled environment. Anything with leather, wood, or electronics could get damaged if it's exposed to long periods of moisture, extreme heat, or very cold temperatures. Having a climate-controlled storage unit is a great option for these types of equipment.

Outdoor Recreational Equipment Storage Sizes

Making sure your equipment is safe and secure in a nearby self-storage facility is one of the best decisions you can make. We provide options for the following outdoor recreational equipment that is common to own in Boise:

  • Small Boats and Watercraft: 22 x 25 ft storage units can easily fit a small boat. Boats of this size typically include small riverboats, fishing boats with portable engines, sport boats, large canoes, rafts, etc.

  • Trailers: 22 x 25 ft storage units can also easily store small trailers.

  • Jet Skis: Both 22 x 25 ft and 12 x 25 ft storage units can store one or more Jet Skis.

  • Four-wheelers: Most units can store at least one four-wheeler. Your choice of storage unit would depend on how many you hoped to store.

  • Snowmobiles: 22 x 25 ft and 12 x 25 ft units can store snowmobiles, depending on how many you're hoping to store during the year.

Our Storage Units for Outdoor Rec Equipment

We understand that there are a lot of different types and sizes of outdoor recreational equipment. If you know the dimensions of your equipment, try to match it with the correct size of storage unit with a little bit of wiggle room. Ideally, you'll have a walking room around your equipment when it's in storage.

We offer the following storage unit sizes that are designed to store outdoor recreational equipment (all of which come with a roll-up door and drive-up access):

  • 10 x 20-foot self-storage unit ($160)

  • 10 x 21-foot self-storage unit ($160)

  • 12 x 25-foot self-storage unit ($216)

  • 22 x 25-foot self-storage unit ($320)

Our facility also offers the following amenities for all of our storage units:

  • 24-hour access to your secure unit

  • Dollies and handcarts

  • Our entire facility is fenced, gated, and monitored by security cameras

  • Easy communication with our Resident Manager

  • Online Bill Pay options

Take a look at the different storage options we offer and the many benefits you can expect from storing your belongings with us.