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How Self-Storage Makes Cross-State Moving Easier

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Each year, millions of Americans pack up their things and haul them off to a new home. In 2021 alone, an estimated 27.1 million Americans moved, according to the US Census Bureau. Just think about the amount of stuff that needs to be stored away to accommodate nearly 30 million families. What’s more? This number may seem high, but it’s actually the lowest number of movers in decades.

Moving to another state is an exhilarating feeling and, yes, potentially stressful too. But we have some tips to help make the process a smoother, more relaxing time. Here’s how self-storage can help you make the big move!

Benefits of Self-Storage for Cross-State Moving

Moving to a new state can be hectic, but self-storage helps make the process a lot easier. Here are some of the biggest benefits of renting a self-storage unit:

Provides a Temporary Staging Area

Depending on the state of the housing market, selling a home can be a drawn-out process, leaving sellers in a state of limbo. Self-storage gives you a safe place to store away items during the staging period, freeing you up to clean your home. A staged house often helps homes sell faster and at a higher price. On the other hand, if you haven’t bought a new home yet, self-storage also takes the pressure off of having to snap up the first house you see.

Reduces Stress While Moving

When arriving at a new destination, seeing a stack of boxes with large furniture items lying around can make us feel pressured to have to move everything in all at once. This added weight on our shoulders can cause unnecessary stress during the move, especially when we’re already tired from the long journey. A self-storage unit is a perfect way to keep your items out of sight and protected until you’re actually ready to move everything into the new home.

Steps for Using Self-Storage While You Move

All ready for the big move? Great! Here are a few steps you can take to make self-storage the right option for your trip.

Self Storage During Selling

Before focusing on the new home, you first need to sell your current place. Pack all of your belongings into storage boxes, and give extra attention to any breakable items. Here’s a checklist of things to do:

  • Clean and dust your furniture before storing
  • Dismantle large furniture pieces and keep screws in plastic bags
  • Protect furniture with bubble wrap and plastic couch covers
  • Place cardboard sheets between wooden pieces while moving
  • Pack smaller items in sturdy cardboard boxes that won’t collapse
  • Label all boxes for easy unpacking

You can choose a regular storage unit or a climate-controlled unit if you have items that need protection from hot or cold temperatures. When moving items into self-storage, it’s best to pack any items that you need quick access to toward the front of the storage unit. This will make loading up the moving truck a smoother experience, especially if you plan to haul the items yourself. Once your items are out of the house, it’s time to get cleaning! 

Moving into and out of storage units tends to be pretty quick, and professional movers have lots of experience with this. They'll be able to pack your unit well and make the whole process run smoothly. 

Self Storage in Your New City

When arriving at the new location, you can make arrangements for a local self-storage facility. Think about the duration of time that you’ll need the storage unit for. If it’ll be a lengthy process of buying a home, consider using a climate-controlled unit. The moving truck can deliver the items to the storage facility while you continue searching for your new home. Even if you already have that next house bought, it’s a good idea to use a storage unit so that it takes the pressure off of needing to organize everything. Nothing throws the mood off like a brand new home that’s already cluttered!

Self-Storage During Move-in

So you’ve found your new home? Great news! While settling in, you can start moving in the most important objects first, including large furniture pieces, TVs, dinnerware, kitchen utensils, etc. Then slowly, over time, you can move in the rest of your items at your leisure. Self-storage keeps you from having to rush to get the house in order. Instead, feel free to move in at your own pace. That way, you’ll have more space to see exactly where you want everything to go for a nice, balanced look.


Feeling the rush that comes with moving? We hope these tips have put your mind at ease. A self-storage unit can keep your items out of sight, giving you the peace of mind that anything can be picked up as soon as you need it again. Congratulations on your new chapter of life!

And if you live in the Meridian area or plan on moving here, you can check out our state-of-the-art self-storage units with the latest in top-level security.