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Self Storage Guide for Beginners

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Self-storage is a popular option for individuals and families who need to store some or all of their belongings. If you're trying to learn more about self-storage and your options, you've come to the right place! We have many resources available to help you make an informed decision on selecting the right self-storage space for your needs and your budget.

How Do Self-Storage Units Work?

Self-storage serves as an extension of your home storage space, whether that be a shed, attic, or garage. A self-storage unit is a clean, dry, and secure space in an indoor or outdoor storage facility, and it can be rented for you to store your belongings in as long as you'd like. Typically, a self-storage unit is rented on a monthly or annual basis, depending on your needs and budget.

Units come in many sizes and can be climate-controlled, if that's an option your stuff needs. For anyone looking to declutter their living spaces or in need of more space in their garage and other home or office areas, self-storage is an ideal solution. With self-storage units, you can come and go as you please to store or retrieve your belongings.

What to Consider when selecting a Self-Storage facility

Self-storage facilities are all different, and there are a few different storage features that set the better ones apart from the rest. Here are some of the features you might want to prioritize or ask about as you find the right facilty for you.


To most people looking to store their belongings, 24/7 access is important. If that sounds true for you as well, you'll want to ensure your storage facility ha 24/7 (secure) access. How you have access matters too, as many people want contactless access. With Elevate Self Storage, you can access your self-storage unit 24/7 via Bluetooth, meaning you can go straight to your unit at any time without coming into contact with others or needing an employee to let you in.


Storage security is also of great importance. You are storing valuable belongings, after all, and you don't want them to be stolen or ruined. At Elevate Self Storage, we provide self-storage units that are not protected by padlocks or codes, but rather, Bluetooth access, fencing, gates, and a high-tech security system. Only you will be able to access your unit, and the chances of someone breaking into it are slim-to-none with this kind of technology. We use top-of-the-line security cameras and systems throughout the storage facility to provide an extra layer of security for your unit. We also offer insurance policies for your belongings if you're interested.


Cleanliness is a must. There are too many self-storage facilities that don't provide a clean experience. You don't want a unit that's rusty, smells of mildew or other rancid smells, or is prey to rodents. A clean facility and a clean unit mean your belongings are safe from premature decay or unwanted living things.

Climate Control Option

Climatized storage is a feature that you can choose that provides greater protection of your items from things like heat and moisture. With climate-controlled units, you can trust that your unit will remain at an optimal temperature that keeps your belongings in the same condition you originally stored them in.

Why choose Self-Storage?

There are many reasons why people choose self-storage. Some common life events can make it necessary for some people, while others simply need the extra storage space year-round.

Common reasons why people choose self-storage include:

  • Remodels: Home remodels can take weeks or months, and during that time many people need temporary space to store their belongings until it's finished. Self-storage provides a way to keep your belongings safe and organized until your home remodel is complete.
  • Temporary college room storage: Many college students attend school far from home and don't have housing during the summer, so taking all of their belongings back home during the summer just doesn't make sense. This means they typically will choose a self-storage unit for short-term storage of their belongings while they're in this time of transition.
  • Seasonal items: Your lawn mower and yard maintenance equipment probably isn't needed on hand during the winter months. Your holiday decor is not needed outside of the holiday season. Many people choose to store such items in self-storage during the off-season.
  • Moving: Moving can get complicated sometimes, especially when you're between places and can't settle your stuff in quite yet. Self-storage provides a great temporary home for your belongings in these interims.
  • Military deployment: Men and women in the military tend to like the option of self-storage for their belongings when they are deployed. This helps ensure their belongings are safe and they pay less to store them here than they would pay to rent a residence where they won't be staying during that time.
  • Vehicles and Water Sports Vehicles: Many people choose to store their extra vehicles, motorcycles, mountain bikes, ATVs, boats, and jet ski's in self-storage units. That way they aren't taking up room at home but are still easily accessible when they're needed.

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