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Tips on Using Self-Storage for Spring Cleaning

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The weather’s getting warmer. The trees are beginning to bud. And spring cleaning has officially arrived. Depending on who you are, this can be an exciting chance to get the house back in order. Here are some quick tips to help make spring cleaning easier!

Rent a Self Storage Unit

Spring cleaning can feel daunting when we have lots of furniture scattered around the house. That’s why renting a storage unit before the major deep clean begins makes the experience much easier. Not only is it quicker to clean an emptier room, but it makes the process feel smaller and easier to tackle.

  • Rent a storage unit: Decide how much storage space you need. You’ll want to rent the unit before you actually need it. That way, you have easy access to the unit before you start moving things.

  • Keep it organized: It’s best to pack things in the order you’ll need them later. Anything you won’t need for a while can go toward the back of the unit as you save space upfront for the essential objects.

Time to Clean

Once your items are stored away, you now have a clean slate to freshen up the whole house. This is your chance to get every hard-to-reach area. Here are some common places you should target this spring:

  1. Start with small tasks: Spring cleaning can feel exhausting if we jump right in. Sometimes it just takes getting started to feel the motivation. It’s best to start with tasks that you feel will be quick and easy before going after the bigger projects. As you begin checking items off your list, you’ll feel more inspired to keep going!

  2. Work your way down: Start by dusting and cleaning objects up high, like ceiling fans, cabinets, lights, door tops, ceiling corners, etc. By working your way down, you can better keep track of which areas you’ve cleaned.

  3. Deeper cleaning: Now that you’re in the rhythm, it’s time to pull out the bigger appliances like refrigerators, stoves, washers, etc. You never know when you may find some hidden spills that could attract bugs into the house now that the weather is warming up. Give the floors a good scrubbing while you have access to any hidden flooring.

  4. Repairs: During a deep clean, it’s not uncommon to find things that we haven’t used in a while because they are broken. This is the perfect time to finally get those items fixed back up or tossed out if you won’t be needing them anymore.

A Chance to Remodel

Many people get inspired to update or remodel their homes in the spring. While your biggest items are stored away in a secure unit, this is a great time to consider any remodels you’ve discussed over the past few months, like:

  • Painting the house: Painting can be a real hassle when furniture, dressers, and other objects are pushed against the walls. Instead of fighting with the constant rearranging of the furniture, you can rent a storage system to give you quick access to your walls so you can paint with ease.
  • Flooring: Whether you’re putting a fresh coat of polish on the wooden floors or laying new tiles, a temporary storage unit will be a necessity. It’ll save you from having to find more space to cram big furniture pieces into the garage.

Moving Everything Back In

Once the whole house is clean, you’re ready for the fun year ahead! You can now move everything back into your nice, clean home. This is a perfect time to decide if you’re happy with where the furniture was placed or if you’d like to mix things up for a new look.


Spring is a wonderful chance to restore our homes so that we’re ready for the summer ahead. And when you rent a self-storage unit, you can speed up the cleaning process without needing to constantly shuffle everything around. Your furniture will be secured and kept out of the weather elements for as long as you need them to be as you get your house organized.

Elevate your self-storage experience by checking out our storage units as you begin cleaning this spring!