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8 Ways You Can Keep Your Stuff Safe in Self Storage

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Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a self storage facility is right for you, especially when keeping your stuff safe is of the utmost priority. That’s why it’s important that you find a facility that’s just as protective over your belongings as you are. However, not all storage units are created equal. And when choosing a self-storage facility, there are a few security features you should be looking out for. 

Here are eight steps that both you and your chosen storage facility should be taking to make sure that all of your items will be kept secure.

1. Pack Your Items Properly

Keeping your items safe starts with how you pack them. After all, it won’t matter how secure a self-storage unit is if you aren’t taking the right steps to keep your items safe once they’re locked away. If you’re storing items away for the long term, make sure you cover and wrap furniture pieces, place soft dividers between breakable items, and clean and dry appliances before they’re stored away.

You can also use wooden pallets or shelves to keep your items off the floor to prevent any condensation from affecting your items. And finally, pack away smaller items into labeled boxes so that they can be easily accessed when you need them. The more organized you get in the packing stages, the safer your items will be on the inside of a storage unit.

2. Opt for Digital Security Locks

After you’ve taken steps to secure your items away, it’s time to start thinking about the external security measures. Many storage facilities still require padlocks, which aren’t always the safest when it comes to preventing break-ins. With easy-to-spot physical locks, there are ways for criminals to get around needing a key. A standard padlock is simply no match for a set of bolt cutters. So what should you look for instead?

A digital lock is much more secure, allowing you to gain access through the security of your password-protected phone. This also makes it easier to only enable the visitors you want to have access. Now there’s no need to worry about them losing a physical key.

3. Seek Out a Climate-Controlled Unit

The weather fluctuations throughout the year can be brutal for storing your valued belongings long-term. That’s why it’s crucial that you find a storage unit with a climate-controlled environment. Climate control will keep your items safe no matter what the weather is outside. This may be a higher priority than you think, depending on where you live. 

Humidity in the air creates moisture that can lead to mold and mildew growing on your items. By choosing a climate-controlled unit and properly packing your items, you can prevent any moisture from damaging them. A controlled environment is especially important if you’ll be storing away things like electronics, wood furniture, antiques, art, collectibles, important documents, and anything else that’s susceptible to weather elements.

4. Prioritize 24/7 Surveillance

A state-of-the-art world requires forward-thinking security features, so be sure to seek out facilities with top-of-the-line surveillance technologies. Digital surveillance provides a richer level of protection than tape storage, so look for a facility that has upgraded its camera equipment to the digital age. Cameras will record in much higher quality and have little risk for coverage lapse.

5. Keep Access Limited

When you entrust a storage unit with your belongings, you don’t want just anyone having access to walk the facility’s grounds. The best storage units will keep access very limited, meaning only you and those with approved access can gain entry. And since limited access is a priority for a self-storage unit, it should be a priority for you as well. Only let the people you can fully trust know about your storage unit and have access.

6. Consider a Fully Fenced Perimeter

Although the goal of all facilities is to keep unwanted visitors away, they don’t always take the proper steps to prevent them from coming in. A fully fenced perimeter with a highly secured entryway is a necessity. This way, the only way in is through a protected entrance backed by a secured gate and 24-hour surveillance.

7. Look for High Visibility Lighting

Many self-storage facilities lack the kind of lighting that scares burglars off around the clock. High visibility lighting is a proven feature that makes it much more challenging for anyone to hide their identity when attempting to steal goods. It also serves as a bright spotlight that makes their suspicious activities known to those around them.

For these reasons, burglars are much more likely to target facilities that don’t have the proper lighting in place, so they can stick to the shadows when attempting to break in. High visibility lighting helps to ensure that your items are just as protected at night as they are in the daytime.

8. Choose an Indoor Storage Unit

While outdoor storage units are still very safe, you can add another layer of security by choosing indoor units. These units are typically housed inside a larger building with a keypad-protected entrance. In most cases, outdoor storage will be just fine. However, if the items you’re storing are especially valuable and you need some extra peace of mind, an indoor unit can give you just that.


Self-storage units are a safe way to store your items for short and long-term use, but you want to seek out a facility that takes safety just as seriously as you do. And when you decide that your garage is no longer cutting it, you can keep an eye out for these security features when you begin your storage unit hunt.

Elevate Self Storage offers all of the security features listed above and more! Including 24-hour Bluetooth gate and unit access. When you’re ready to elevate the way you store things, contact us today!