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Self Storage Is A Boise Realtors Solution | Elevate Self Storage

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Self storage is a great solution for any home--even if it's not yours! Here's how real estate agents can use self storage to make buying, selling, and showing processes easier (and more flexible) for clients.

Ideas for Real Estate Self Storage

In addition to the many benefits that self storage offers to real estate agents, there are even more ways in which this extra space can be utilized. Let's explore some additional ideas for real estate self storage:


As a real estate agent, you deal with a multitude of documents on a daily basis, from contracts to property records. Keeping these documents organized and easily accessible is crucial for your business. Self storage can provide a secure and climate-controlled environment to store these important files, ensuring that they are protected from damage or loss.


Alongside signs, real estate agents often have a variety of marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and business cards. These promotional items take up space and can quickly clutter your office or car. By utilizing a self storage unit, you can keep your marketing materials organized and readily available whenever you need them. This not only helps declutter your workspace but also ensures that you have everything you need at your fingertips during meetings or property showings.


Real estate agents often decorate properties for holidays or special events to create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. However, storing seasonal decorations can be a challenge, especially if you have limited space in your office or car. A self storage unit can serve as a dedicated space to store and organize your seasonal decorations, making it easy to switch up the ambiance of a property whenever needed.


Over time, real estate agents accumulate a vast amount of paperwork, including past transactions, client files, and historical property data. Rather than letting these documents take up valuable space in your office, consider using a self storage unit as an archive storage solution. This allows you to keep important records securely stored away while still having easy access to them whenever necessary.


Virtual staging has become increasingly popular in the real estate industry. By using computer-generated furniture and decor, you can transform empty or outdated spaces into visually appealing homes. However, the digital files and equipment required for virtual staging can take up a significant amount of storage space on your computer or office server. A self storage unit provides a convenient and secure location to store these virtual staging materials, freeing up valuable digital space and ensuring that you can quickly access them when needed.

By considering these additional ways to utilize self storage, real estate agents can maximize their efficiency, organization, and overall effectiveness in serving their clients. Whether it's storing documents, marketing materials, seasonal decorations, or virtual staging materials, self storage offers a flexible and convenient solution for all your real estate needs.

Choosing Self-Storage Units for Real Estate

There are all kinds of ways to use self-storage when buying or selling homes. Before you can take advantage of those opportunities, however, you need to choose the right unit--and here's how to make it happen:

#1: Research Sizes

Are you storing big furniture or small signs? Do you need room for a desk and chair, documents, and maybe a lamp? If possible, tour different storage units to get a feeling for what their sizes look like and how you might be able to use that space.

#2: Think About Climate Control

Climate control is a great option for anything that might be damaged by weather extremes, including paper, furniture, and some kinds of technology.

#3: Consider Location

Remember that, as a real estate agent, you'll likely have the need to be just about everywhere. Find a centrally located storage facility, and don't forget to consider the most popular neighborhoods, places you'd need to do legal paperwork, your main office, and more. You can also think about the individual unit and how it's positioned on the facility's property: Is it easy to access, or do you have to walk or drive quite a while before reaching your unit?


Real estate is a fast-moving world, and while you may not think of self storage as one of your most valuable tools, we're here to change that. Elevate Self Storage can help your company, your clients, and even your sales--all you have to do is come check us out.

Contact us today to see which self storage units fit your real estate needs!